Burdaloo, a great game featuring a nice bird puzzle

Burdaloo is a fun game where you must make birds fly away from your garden. To make them fly away you must grab a bird and move it left, right, up or down and match three or more identical birds. In this game you will find 84 different challenges on many islands, each island and level will increase the difficulty of the game and the number of birds. To complete a level you must clear a certain number of birds from your screen. In this game you will have a time limit, and you must complete your task before the time is over. To complete a stage and travel to new islands you must clear different levels on each island. Playing this game is very easy but full of fun, all you need to use is your mouse - move your mouse and press the left mouse button to grab a bird, move your mouse to move the birds and release the left mouse button to place the bird in a group of the same color. Try to match big groups of more than three birds - if you match big groups, you will increase your score points, and the game will give your extra bonuses.

Birgilio Rivera
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